wiZo a set of B2B intelligent technologies which provide intelligent biz Solutions. The main purpose of wiZo solution is to spot the customer’s interest. wiZi offers three set of online services. First, is wiZo biz Automata. Second, is wiZo biz upsell. Third, is wiZo DataPlus.


WiZo biz Automata

biZ Automata

wiZo biz Automata is an eCommerce portal that allows you to automatize any business, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with web portal and mobile apps, wiZo biz Automata is a favorable solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control. wiZo biz Automata can power online stores — more than any other platform.

WiZo biz upsell

biZ upsell

wiZi biz upsell It helps corporate customers to identify sales opportunities for existing clients, and to identify new clients to sell to. wiZi grows revenue for customers through sales recommendations. These recommendations (e.g. offer product X to client Y) are generated by automated analysis of the customer’s sales data. Leveraging machine learning and collaborative filtering, wiZi is able to learn from sales data what products or services our customer should market to their clients.

WiZo, DataPlus


wiZo DataPlus is a wonderful service that does so much. It can import the content of a pair of a database running any technologies or CMS into a BigData warehouse without interrupting the running frontend. wiZo DataPlus reshapes your row data into BigData style, so you can adventure the cloud. You do not have to change any source code of your software or websites not even a single line of code. wiZo DataPlus have tools to migrate your old fashion database into Big Data-style without losing any. wiZo DataPlus can do a transparent transformation.

wiZo DataPlus mission is to empower every organization on the planet to reaches the future technologies such as cloud and big data. With wiZio DataPlus high-level technologies are no longer exclusive to big companies. Your company can surf the cloud as well.

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